We’re a people
driven company

Unmatched works for teams of people across various industries in an effort to give them the best work environment possible, leading to improved productivity and better employee engagement.

About Us

At Unmatched, we believe that PEOPLE power organizations and Not RESOURCES.

We started Unmatched in 2019 to help manage employee engagement and employee performance in small to large organizations. We are a bunch of statistics and software nerds working with Organizational Psychologists with more than 60 years of combined experience in the performance management industry are building our products to help the companies modernize their approach to People Management and People Engagement.

We are a New York-headquartered and a globally-distributed startup. Our employees live and work from wherever they want to. We want to help companies create happy and productive workplaces.

Our Values


Office Culture

Wall street HQ. Distributed employees.

At Unmatched, We Work Hard and Play Hard. Remote working is different, and we have fully embraced the remote work-culture and focus on employee engagement and growth internally.

After all, we are an employee-happiness company. We truly believe that employee happiness is not about providing free food or ping pong tables but being genuinely inclusive, respectful, and hyper-transparent.

We take care of our people. They take care of the company.

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